Michele Hernandez

As an Occupational Therapist with over 28 years of experience, my passion is to help breast cancer survivors along their journey toward healing. With specialty certifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Oncology Aesthetics, I am able to safely and effectively support my patients as they strive to achieve physiological balance. It is extremely rewarding to be allowed into the lives of women who are working diligently to establish a “new normal” within the challenging world of survivorship.

Recovering from breast cancer and its treatment is a life altering experience. It is important that your rehabilitation is provided by a caring, certified specialist, experienced in the treatment of breast cancer and lymphedema. As an experienced, licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist, I have specialized knowledge of the risk factors for lymphedema and the current trends in the best practice treatment for breast rehabilitation, post breast cancer surgery/reconstruction. In addition, my specialized training in Oncology Aesthetics allows me to assess and treat a variety of skin conditions that can occur as a result of cancer treatment. The skins natural barrier protection becomes compromised leading to extreme dry skin, rashes and overall skin sensitivity. Patient education, restorative skin products and gentle treatments can be customized to meet each patient’s need.

In the current healthcare environment, insurance companies often limit the amount of therapy received after breast cancer treatment. Finding a private therapist to help maintain a functional level of wellness can be a stressful challenge. Ongoing lymphedema surveillance, maintaining scar and radiated tissue mobility and patient education for compression garment needs are only a few of the ways that I support my patients.

Traditional rehabilitation settings are not always able to provide affordable intermittent treatment for women who require therapeutic touch points throughout their lives. My goal is to help you establish gains in all aspects of functional performance so that you can get back to the business of live life to its fullest.

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Initial Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Your comprehensive assessment includes the following:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Evaluation of your range of motion, strength, and overall daily function
  • Circumferential Upper Extremity Measurements and Lymphedema Staging
  • Based upon your evaluation, a personalized treatment plan will be developed to achieve your specific goals.

Breast Rehabilitation Session

One on one therapy session that may focus on the following, as needed:

  • Shoulder range of motion, as it relates to activities of daily living
  • Soft tissue mobilization/massage to improve scars or soft tissue tightness
  • Core strengthening
  • Development of a customized home exercise program

Upper Extremity Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A customized treatment plan addressing all stages of lymphedema. Treatment duration will be determined based on patient’s symptomology and need. This includes the following:

  • 60 minute one on one treatment sessions; number to be determined at evaluation
  • Complete Decongestive Therapy including Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Compression bandaging
  • Upper Extremity Bandaging Kit
  • Instruction on self-massage
  • Instruction on lymphedema risk factors and skin care
  • Customized home exercise program

*Payment is required at the time that services are provided. We do not participate with insurance plans. Cash or credit cards accepted. Thank you.


“Michele Hernandez is a very professional and compassionate therapist. She helped me understand and accept the challenges of my lymphedema diagnosis. I would highly recommend her as a therapist.”
– D. Custer, Cinnaminson, NJ

“Michele is a dynamic and compassionate therapist. She is focused on her patients and providing the best care available.”
– Randi, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Michele is above all a true healer in her professional life. Lymphatic drainage and gentle but effective stretches have helped me move past just surviving and into the thriving state of my recovery. I am privileged to have her on my team.”
– J. Pruss, Voorhees, NJ

“I have been seeing Michele for the past year. During that time I have been getting detoxifying body wraps in conjunction with full body lymphatic drainage. The results have been amazing!! Michele is knowledgable and passionate about her work and the treatment is very relaxing. It has become an integral part of my monthly routine!”
– Gretchen

“I am beyond satisfied with the results from the Microcurrent series I received with Michele. My face feels lifted and defined. Michele did a great job of explaining the treatment to me and is very skilled at operating the machine. I highly recommend Michele and Microcurrent!”
– Nancy

“The Oxygen treatments are remarkable.. I have received three and each time I can’t stop touching my face. The texture of my skin has totally changed and I look and feel younger. Michele is a great esthetician who is very personable and confident in her work!”