PDO Thread Lift

Instant Thread Face lift without the knife! Instant Thread Lift is the hottest kept secret to instantly look younger. NovaThreads is an FDA approved procedure using PDO absorbable sutures to lift, tighten and smooth skin.

Face threads are back, they are new, improved, and totally safe. They are the most popular cosmetic procedure in Asia and Europe and are slowly picking up in USA again. The results are instant, improve with time, last years and leave no scars

What are NovaThreads?

They are hypodermic needles preloaded with a PDO absorbable suture.

What is a PDO absorbable suture?

It’s a synthetic absorbable surgical suture composed of polydioxanone. PDO sutures are used to perform cardiothoracic surgery (such as open-heart surgery). It’s one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body.
Your skin fully absorbs it within 4 to 6 months & won’t leave you with any scar tissue.

How does it work?

  • In medical terms “Selective Inflammatory Response”, it is the principle behind a lot of aesthetic procedures (such as Fractional Laser, Chemical Peels & MicroNeedling). Our skin is very good at repairing itself, and by inserting NOVATHREADS we make it ‘heal’ itself by creating new collagen, naturally!
  • Yes, PDO is fully absorbable, but that doesn’t mean your skin won’t react to it. During the 4 to 6 months needed to fully absorb the PDO suture, your skin is also repairing itself around it.
    It’s “controlled healing” happening underneath the skin!

    Which areas can be treated?

  • Eye brow lift
  • Wrinkles
  • Saggy cheeks
  • Smile lines
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Saggy Jaw or Jowls
  • Chin lift
  • Lip border
  • Décolletage
  • Arm tightening
  • Thigh lift
  • Butt Lift

How long does the procedure take?

The duration depends on the area to be treated. It is important to properly clean and prepare the skin, as well as the numbing medication to work, which usually takes about 30 min. The actual procedure usually takes an additional 15-30 min to complete.

How do I prepare for this procedure?

It’s important to stop taking any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or Aleve about 5-7 days prior to the procedure. It is safe and ok to start taking Arnica supplements in preparation for potential bruising and to expedite healing process.

What are the most common side effects?

The most common side effects are discomfort, soreness, bruising, and bleeding. Very rarely does one have to think about infection, suture migrating or becoming visible through the skin.

How long is the recovery?

There is no downtime with this procedure and minimal swelling is expected the nest day as part of the response generated by the body to start collagen production.

Can I go back to work after the procedure?

In general yes, if you had treatment for wrinkles and/or smile lines, you should be able to return to work immediately. If eyebrow lift, cheek or neck lifts were performed, they usually need to be covered with a special bandage, therefore most clients choose to have it after work hours before the weekend.

How long do results usually last?

The duration depends on the depends on the area treated and amount of threads used. Simple and quick procedures like smoker’s lines, wrinkles and lip border contour, usually last 3-6 months, while eye brow lift, neck lift tend to last about 12-18 months.