Lymphatic Drainage

About Lymphatic Drainage

This gentle type of massage is often incorporated into facials but can be a very effective stand-alone treatment to help clear away toxins in the skin. It stimulates lymph flow, speeds up the removal of metabolic wastes in the tissue and relieves congestion leading to improved skin tone and physical vitality.

Lymphatic Drainage of the Face and Neck

This gentle massage is aimed at reducing inflammation that results in dark circles and bags under the eyes. It is the perfect solution for accelerating tissue healing and unclogging any lymphatic vessels due to sinusitis, allergies or post invasive surgical procedures.

Lymphatic Drainage of Abdomen and Legs

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be used as a technique to help encourage the movement of fluid in the body and prime the system prior. To treatments such as TriPollar or Microcurrent. It facilitates the reabsorption of edema and flushes out cellular debris.